How does ProjectBuzz work?

Are you a freelancer in need of a new project to work on?

Register, fill out your details, then wait for our call! We make sure all people have the right skills and expertise, so companies can be sure they can work with the best. We conduct a little interview to see everything is correctly listed on your profile. After that, you can start hunting for your dream projects!


How much will it cost you? Nothing! Browsing in our project pool is absolutely free for freelancers on a project hunt.


Search for projects according to your preference and like their page, if you think it would be a great match with you!


See if any project is interested in you and like them back if you think you would go well together.


Did you match? Great! We make both parties’ contact information available, and you can start your conversation whether you’d really like to work together.

Why choose our solution?


Find projects you love fast. If the company is also interested in you, you can get in contact with each other and start negotiating.


Expectations regarding each project are transparent. We help you to filter our project pool as per your preferences, so you always know what you are getting into.


Would you like to hone your skills in project management further? Are you pursuing an international PMI certificate? We’ve got you covered with our discounted training opportunities! Are you willing to contract with the project provider company through our company? Even better! We’ll give you free professional BA, SM, PO or PMI exam prep training!

Free mentoring

Are you stuck with a project and need help? Unsure about the methodology or tools you should be using? We’re here to help you with project coaching and mentoring.