How does ProjectBuzz work?

Are you a company in need of talented freelancers for your projects?

Register at our site and we’ll soon pick up the thread with you to find the best subscription for your interest. After that you can start listing your projects.

It’s that simple!


Search for talents according to your preference and like their profile if you think you would be a great match.


See which project experts are interested in your project, decide if you like them back.


Did you match? Great! We make both parties’ contact information available, and you can start your conversation whether you’d really like to work together.

Why choose our solution?

Fast and transparent

Finding and contracting with freelancers is faster, more convenient and transparent than using a traditional body lease company.


Traditional body lease companies charge a ton while not providing much value. At ProjectBuzz you don’t need to pay expensive referral fees.

Cost control made easy

Expenditure planning is easy with our fixed price subscriptions. You only need project freelancers occasionally? No worries! Choose our flexible subscription, pay only after the hours.

Transparent capacities

Freelancers capacity is transparent making planning for resources much easier.

Vetted freelancer pool

Our project freelancer pool is constantly vetted and inspected. Do you wish to test potential freelancer tested by your custom needs? We’re here to help!

Constantly trained

We provide free and discounted training opportunities to our talent pool, helping them to maintain their knowledge and skills sharp.

Supported freelancers

We’re supporting our freelancers with our expertise in project management with project management coaching and mentoring, should they need any counsel.


Would you stay hidden from competition? No worries! Stay anonymous for as long as you wish during your talent hunt.